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My first piano teacher taught me the basics of music theory and technique, but more importantly, she taught me to believe in myself. Years of accompanying church and school orchestras and choirs honed my performance skills. It wasn’t until I studied with Dr. Robert Jones at the University of Houston that I learned proper practice discipline and how to concentrate!

As a teacher, my desire is for students not only to love to hear and 
play music, but also to benefit from these other positive and 
character-building benefits:

Self confidence. This quality served me well throughout 
my career and life.
Discipline. I learned that in order to achieve good grades, perform to the best of my ability, and be totally satisfied with the results, I had to invest ample time and effort. Nothing is as satisfying as the 
feeling, “I nailed it!”
Concentration. I know that my performance has been a good one when the listener has been totally engaged in the performance, and hopefully experienced an emotional response. If my technique or skill has gotten in the way of the message of the music, then shame on me!


Lesson fees are based on the age of the student. Contact Nancy to discuss. Parents/guardians are also responsible for reimbursement of music and theory books provided to their child.


The teaching schedule varies between summer and school-year schedules. Please discuss individual needs with Nancy.


Lessons are taught in my home, which is located just inside the northwest corner of Loop 610. Parents are encouraged to sit quietly during the lesson, but are not required to do so. Please do not bring or drop off other children who might be disruptive during the lesson.


I conduct a group workshop once a month at a building or church close to my home. These are fun sessions intended to teach and reinforce rhythm techniques and music theory. They help students to connect with other students of different ages and capabilities. Guest musicians and performers are sometimes invited to work with the group. I strongly encourage all students to participate. There is no additional charge for attending these sessions.

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