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I have engaged Nancy Falk many times over the last 20 years as a substitute for organ and piano and as a guest artist. Nancy is more than just technically adept at playing the piano and organ; she combines passion and musicality in her playing which demonstrates her enjoyment of music. It is a treat for the listener.  She is a delight to work with, fun to be with, and great resource to have available!

Charles Rater
Organist, Pianist, Choir & Handbell Director




Nancy plays organ, piano, and keyboard for us at church and also plays at a small monthly evening service which I lead.  Although she plays “normal” church music proficiently, she also plays a wide variety of spiritual music and does it all in a way that uplifts us.  Every time Nancy plays, she deepens our prayer which, in turn, enhances the spirituality of our time together.  There is a subtle opulence and depth to her playing which, at times, becomes ethereal.  I am grateful to have her as part of our group because her presence raises us to a new level.

Rev. Jane Wenninger
Director of Healing Ministry, Bethel Church UCC


Nancy Falk has been a real blessing here at Amazing Place. For more than 3 years, Nancy has been enhancing our program with her lovely voice and charming personality. She has put together more than 20 pages of songs our participants love to request and sing along with her; not including a special holiday edition song book. On more than one occasion, Nancy has tracked down a requested song and had it ready to play on her following visit. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to better the music program at a senior facility.

Emile Unverzagt, AD/TXC
Activity Director, Amazing Place

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